5 Day Challenge Connecting Hearts to Purpose
With authors John Garfield and Donald Wickham with Beverly Lewis
Has your dream business/job turned into a nightmare?
Have you started business after business but nothing worked?
Does what you are doing feel disconnected from your heart’s dreams?
Do you have a passion to see your city and nation experience reformation but don’t know where to start?
Do you long for a people, a tribe, to walk with?
Where do we start finding the answers to these questions? We start by discovering our purpose, what God wrote into our heart, our very DNA.
Phil 3:12 Running with passion into his abundance so that I may reach the purpose that Jesus Christ has called me to fulfill and wants me to discover. TPT
Join our 5 day Facebook challenge to begin the journey of discovering your purpose and the plans God has for each for us in extending His kingdom on earth. Each day will include worksheets to guide you through the process. 
Starting Augst 31st. Only $12.
As a bonus for joining the challenge, we will send you John Garfield’s “Intentional Reformation Primer.” To bring about the purposes that God has for a nation, we need to start by discovering and implementing our own.
Connecting People with Purpose
You're busy making ends meet and stray from life’s meaning and passion. We consult with people and companies to connect with their strategic purpose using a Heart Plan Road Map. The clarity feels like a jail break from mediocrity and leads to greater value for others while moving the dial on your prosperity. When our dreams come true, we make the world a better place for everyone. 
Bonus: Free EBook
We are in the early stages of another reformation and you’re invited to play a role. Five hundred years ago Luther’s Reformation changed minds and gave access to the presence of God (justification by faith). The fruit was a renaissance that revolutionized the arts and an industrial revolution that changed cultures and living standards around the world.
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    Larry Tyler: LarryTyler.biz

    John was an answer to prayer! Partnering with John transformed my thinking and he did a metamorphosis on my website messaging to something that spoke precisely to my target audience resulting in an outcome I was extremely proud to call mine. The Story Brand framework he used fit my style – simple and concise.
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    Steve Reiter (Right Turn Media)

    I had the pleasure of working with John on my heart plan. I was working on what direction to pursue in business and he helped pull out of me clear and defined goals and directions. I found him to be very initiative, wise, and discerning. His patience and encouragement helped put me on the path to where I am, right now ... making the most money I ever have, all while having the margin I desire in my life to keep my family a priority. I can't recommend working with John highly enough!
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